Nate + Tammi | Engagement

When Nate and Tammi said they wanted winter engagement photos, we scheduled for the dead of February, because that's a safe bet, right? Oh, Michigan, you can be a real joker. (We all agreed that sunny with mild temperatures was actually pretty great.) The morning I spent with Nate and Tammi was so fun, and I could not be more excited for their wedding in September. (I'd like to thank both Grand Rapids Brewing Company and Founders for letting us shoot in their amazing facilities!)

The Herrema Family

You know when the stars align and everything just falls magically in place? That was this session. We shot on a beautiful Saturday morning--the sun was shining, everybody was happy, it was seriously perfect. (And then a few hours later tornadoes were crisscrossing West Michigan, so you can see why I'm delighted that our morning went off without a hitch.) I adore this family, and I'm so excited to meet baby number two in a few short months. 

Stephanie | Bad At Math Knits

I know I've been throwing a lot of blog posts at you this week, but hang in there with me because you really don't want to miss out on the relaunch of Bad At Math Knits! I've known Stephanie, the creative genius and knitting extraordinaire behind BAM, for nearly ten years. We were suitemates in college, then roommates in Eastown, and now that she's firmly established in Chicago, she graciously introduces me to all the greatest places whenever I'm visiting. She's celebrating one year of BAM with some brand new images (and great new designs!), so if anybody is in the market for Ron Swanson mittens, you're in luck. I'll take the Arrested Development pair, because as we all know, there's always money in the banana stand.

Gold Dust

Meet Stephanie, the brains, heart, and soul behind the musings of Gold Dust & Co.  The day before she headed out of town, we sprinted around Lincoln Park, snapping pictures and narrowly avoiding parking fees. To be honest, I'd love to photograph Stephanie again--without the pressure of a stopwatch ticking down, perhaps--but in the meantime, you can enjoy Steph's radiance and soak up a little Chicago sunshine.