Social media reminded me yesterday that one year ago I was cavorting about Canada with my dear friends. Our quick little getaway was filled with tapas and dim sum, Canadian poutine and German sausages, sweet treats and, as Al would said, “dense cakes.” If you ever have the opportunity to head to Toronto, drop what you’re doing and take it! (And please bring me along for the ride, because I aim to be an international delight.)

Niagara Falls

I felt like I was the only person who hadn’t seen Niagara Falls, so when some friends and I started planning a trip to Toronto, I wheedled them into a side jaunt to Niagara Falls. Little did I know that our visit would involve matching Canadian ponchos that inflated like and twisted like cheerful windsock dancers. (International memories are my favorite memories.)

Hong Kong Part V

For anyone who has endured my endless parade of Hong Kong photos, I heartily applaud you. We’ve almost reached the end of my adventure, and this day might have been the most colorful. Krystle and I photographed two different public housing estates on the Kowlooon side—Choi Hung (which means “rainbow”) and Nam Shan. The use of color in these buildings is so beautiful, and I loved seeing these vast buildings in person. We also visited the Sham Shui Po district, which is filled with a variety of different crafting supply stores. (You can find any kind of bead, ribbon, or fabric in Sham Shui Po, I promise you.)

Our day ended by watching night fall over Hong Kong island from the Tsim Sha Tsui Promenade and then taking the very inexpensive Star Ferry across the harbour. That view was one the sights I remembered so vividly from my 2007 Calvin interim trip, and seeing it again ten years later was beyond spectacular. I don’t know when or if I’ll have the chance to return, but I hope in my heart that it’s sooner rather than later.

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Hong Kong Part IV

Still with me on this digital Hong Kong journey?! You’ve reached a slightly more quiet day, one that started with insanely delicious dim sum at Tim Ho Wan, took us to the PMQ to check out fun creations from local artists and to the Man Mo Temple on Hollywood Road to smell all the incense coils, and ended on Kowloon at the Temple Street night market. (My bargaining skills at the night market were a little rusty, but that didn’t stop me from hunting down a few good deals.)

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