Baby Gray & The McKeown Family

Well, we made it to February. Winter is always a struggle for me: the short days, the low temps, all that snow. Breaking my blogging hiatus to share some of my favorite images from last fall might be the best way to inject a little sunshine during these gloomy stretches. I'm kicking off this "Flashback Friday" series with Alex, Kyle, Emma, and Gray from last September, because there's nothing like a tiny little newborn to bring a pinch of (metaphorical) warmth into your day.

The Wierenga Family

Welcome to the first official day of summer! I know I'm going to blink and it will be winter again, but for right now, it's pretty nice to be enjoying plenty of long, sunny days. It definitely felt like summer when I visited Ron and Diane's beautiful cottage to photograph them with their amazing family. Everyone was so warm and welcoming, and we had the best morning together. (I wonder how many times you can just casually "drop by for a visit" before you're officially banned. Asking for a friend.)