Hong Kong Part II

There are so many reasons to love Hong Kong, and their public transportation has to be a big one. Their subways are incredibly clean, run frequently, and are very easy to navigate. (Have no fear—English is one of three official languages in Hong Kong, and English signage is abundant!) We hopped aboard the train for a ride out to Lantau Island so that we could take a glass-bottomed gondola up to Ngong Ping and see the giant Buddha. (Fun fact: we ran into two couples who were also traveling from Michigan!)

After the Buddha (and a ride back down the mountain wherein we had our own private gondola…yes, we had an international dance party), we found a bus and rode out to the historic Tai O fishing village with its amazing seafood and stilt houses. It was an amazing day, and I had to keep pinching myself to make sure it wasn’t all just a beautiful dream.

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